Optimize Cloud Native Deployments

Feb 17, 2016

The folks at Bitnami have invited us to present at the Cloud Native SF Meetup they are hosting at their office in San Francisco on February 24.

They’ve got a great line up of speakers so if you are in town and want to learn more about Cloud Native apps, please try to stop in.

Chris and Robert will be there to talk about the network requirements for Cloud Native apps and why that requires a new kind of SDN. They will also show Kubernetes v1.2 with new Network Policy resources that implement tenant and pod isolation and policy based control.

Ilan Rabinovitch, Technical Community and Evangelist at Datadog will also be there talking about the challenges of monitoring your Cloud Native apps.

Jason Hansen, Deis Cheif Architect will be there as well showing us all how to build your own PaaS on Kubernetes with Deis.

And Kit Merker from Google will be there to show everyone how we can better maintain our apps with Google Container Engine.

Hope to see you all there