Romana and OpenStack IPAM APIs

May 17, 2016

Come join us at the next SF Bay OpenStack Meetup on June 14 at Geekdom in San Francisco.

Chris Marino will present the Neutron IPAM API session from the OpenStack summit in Austin. If you were not at the Summit, come to the Meetup and learn all about it.

Hope to see you there.

Neutron’s new IP Address Management (IPAM) APIs were first release in the Liberty Release and play an important role integrating OpenStack into enterprise architectures. But in addition to data center integration, IPAM also enables a new approach to OpenStack networking that can eliminate overlays and enable nested container endpoints.

At this Meetup, Chris Marino from the Romana project will review the new pluggable IPAM API and provide examples of how IPAM drivers can be deployed with OpenStack. In addition, he will show how Romana, a new open source network security automation solution for Cloud Native Networks, can use IPAM to build multi-tenant OpenStack networks without an overlay.

There will be a live demonstration of OpenStack configured with the Romana IPAM showing multi-tenant network isolation. In addition, Kubernetes will be shown running on OpenStack using Romana network automation to avoid overlay networks for containers as well.