Romana v0.9 Now Available

Jun 8, 2016

Today we released v0.9 of Romana and we’re getting closer to the first production release later this summer. Since our last update a few weeks ago, we have gotten a lot of great input from users looking to deploy Romana in large datacenters environments that include OpenStack, Kubernetes, Mesos and bare metal servers. Others are looking to deploy Romana in the public cloud and across IaaS providers. What they all want is a way to apply network and security policy uniformly across all their disparate infrastructure.

This release of Romana does not have everything they need, but we think it gets them little closer to where they want to be.

The most important enhancement in version v0.9, is the release of the Romana Policy Manager that accepts policy definitions and applies them across the Romana nodes.

Lots of other improvements under the hood to help install and configure Romana to suit your needs.

We’re always available to answer your questions on our Slack channel and mail lists, so if you’re building Cloud Native applications, give it a try.