Romana for OpenStack Routed Provider Networks

Jun 7, 2017

We recently were invited to present at the Bay Area OpenStack Meetup to talk about some new deployment options on IP fabrics.

Chris spoke about the new Routed Provider Network features and described how Romana can be used to implement multi-segment networks. The presentation was recorded and is available here.

Separately, are also happy to announce today immediate available of Romana v1.1. It is a minor release that cleans up a bunch of bugs that have come up since Romana v1.0 was introduced back in March.

One change worth noting about today’s release is the replacement of our CNI plugin with a new Go-based implementation. It runs much faster and installs more easily.

More details available here.

Unfortunately, if you are looking to deploy OpenStack on a layer 3 IP fabric and need multi-segment or routed provider networks, you’ll have to wait a little while longer. That requires some new IPAM features that will be available soon.