Welcome to the Romana Project

Romana v2.0 GA Release Now Available

Romana v2.0 includes important new features for Kubernetes deployments on premises and in the cloud. New Romana VIPs let you expose Kubernetes services without an external load balancer.

More details on the new release and Romana VIPs here.

Welcome to the Romana Project

Romana is a network and security automation solution for cloud native applications. Romana automates the creation of isolated cloud native networks, secures applications using microsegmentation and enforces access control policies on all endpoints, wherever they run.

Romana is network agnostic and secures applications using standard networking techniques so they can be deployed easily on public and private clouds, and even across the Internet.

Applications that run with Romana are easier to operate and deliver higher performance than when using a virtual network overlay. With Romana, an overlay is never required, even across availability zone boundaries. Romana’s innovative approach enables seamless hybrid cloud deployment and lets container orchestration systems transparently scale capacity across private and public clouds worldwide.

Integration with Kubernetes and other cloud orchestration systems lets application developers use their existing tools and workflow to secure their applications with the deployment flexibility they need.

Romana is all open source and is deployed successfully today on servers running thousands of container workloads by operators of some of the largest on-line applications. Romana lets you deploy cloud native applications securely on isolated networks with policy based control. Romana runs in any IaaS, so developers running Kubernetes in a public cloud now have a way to apply network and security policies to all pod communications.